A wasted day is good for the soul.

I had great plans today.  I was going to meet my DC bestie and do a five-mile stroll down embassy row in DC, take cute photos and enjoy this beautiful weather.  But, I didn’t do it.  Instead, I’m sitting on the sofa watching The Food Network and reviewing online recipes. And while I miss C’s company, I am pretty happy.

I think I might be more likely than most to enjoy doing nothing.  Too many days of nothingness in a row and I will start going crazy, but one day of delicious laziness is 100% okay by me.

But I had better get some action in today or I might start turning into a couch potato. Maybe I should take my first trip down the block to the gym since I started studying for the bar?  [that is so embarrassing, but it is true.  completely true.  also, fear of falling down and dying due to my lack of exercise might have also inspired my lazy day, because I probably would have passed out after walking 3 miles, much less 5.]



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