Roseanne and I are over-planners.

I’m about to say something that I never thought I would be able to truthfully say:  I am a lot like Roseanne Barr.  Sure, she is funny and famous and known for her trashy sense of humor, and sure I am not-that-funny, certainly not famous, and more likely to be considered a goodie-two-shoes, but we are the same.  We both over-plan.

I was hoping for a new episode of Rizzoli and Isles on OnDemand, but nothing new had loaded and I was about to clean or something when a golden nugget caught my eye:  Roseanne had a reality show and there were EIGHT episodes that I could watch all at once.  And so I was sucked in.  And it was kind of hilarious.

So anyway, basically Roseanne is totally normal in a whacked-out-crazy way and I kind of relate to her a lot.  She has these random “celebrity” appearances on the show, but really it is just people who were on her show back in the early 90s that she likes to hang out with and they don’t even wear makeup or corsets or anything to try to hide their age and I LOVE IT.  Except that sometimes it is so normal-crazy that it gets a little boring.

Well, Roseanne lives on a nut farm (yes, seriously, that is not a metaphor) in Hawaii and is trying to make the farm self-sustaining and it is pretty funny and adorable and weird.  She decides to throw a big Passover shin-dig but for it to be entirely vegetarian and only made from ingredients from her garden.  Note: this is kind of insane on its own, since Passover is all about lamb and such and not really about being healthy or about eating only vegetables, and no one in her family is a vegetarian.  But, turns out that she invited 20+ people and only had like 3 eggplants and two carrots ready to eat, so it was a disaster and it totally fell through.  The whole episode, everyone is saying “Oh, that’s Roseanne, she gets this big idea, tells everyone about it, and then never gets it done.”

And that is totally me.  Sorry for the long drawn-out introduction that is probably of no interest to anyone, but I get these big ideas sometimes and I love planning them and considering all the pieces and then, when it comes to doing it, I don’t always follow through.  I am more interested in thinking about the idea than bringing it into fruition.  I think maybe I get too excited and plan too indepthly, so the follow-through is just boring because there are no surprises.  Or maybe I’m just lazy.

Here are some real-life examples of what I have running through my head this week:

1.  Make dozens of jars of homemade marmalade for Christmas presents.  Package with recipes for delicious layered cheese and include all the ingredients like nuts, cranberries, etc.

2.  Make dozens of jars of homemade body scrub for Christmas presents… (same as above)

3.  Make a wedding scrapbook of all your wedding photos.  I actually bought the paper and ordered the photos and everything for this, and still haven’t gotten started.

4.  Clean out your whole apartment so you have more space and don’t feel claustrophobic living in it.  Ummm… I did the kitchen, and the linen closet, rearranged the bedroom furniture, and then had a guest over so I stuffed everything back into the closets/drawers so we would look clean and now I need to start all over again…

5.  Write a blog post every day about something cool in DC... Well, as you probably know I haven’t exactly maintained that goal.  I did a lot of cool things, but it is hard to stay so busy AND work (I still have 10+ hours a week of work) and maintain your vacation zen while your husband is starting graduate school.  So, I have a lot of cool photos and a lot of blogging left to do.

There are probably like a zillion more things that should go on that list — oh, like waking up at 6 am and going to the gym every day — but it seems I have a bigger bark than bite and that I should start paring down my plans and be satisfied with steady positive progress toward my goals of living healthier, happier, and enjoying the moments each day instead of being 100% work and stress driven.  But so far that’s about as successful as Roseanne’s dream of selling her macadamias just like Paul Newman and giving the money to a charity…



One comment

  1. Mary (A Merry Life)

    waking up at 6 am and going to the gym every day is the only thing I’ve managed to accomplish lately on my own list of big ideas. I like all your other ideas. It would be a fun party to make marmalade or body scrub! I love stuff like that.

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