Working Woman

We are sitting at day two of Pinkbriefcase-has-a-job.  It is totally weird — I am seriously, literally employed by the federal government. I’m sure in a few more weeks that will feel less weird and more normal.

Monday was a bit crazy.  Although the slough of information thrown at me from various forms of HR was overwhelming, I had a pretty good handle on what was going on until the end of the day, when it became clear that my paperwork had not been completed and I didn’t have an employee number yet, so I couldn’t (A) turn in any of my important paperwork, (B) clock my hours (luckily we have two weeks to do that!), (C) set up my work email, or (D) do basically anything at all.  Also, since the hurricane flooded a lot of basements, a lot of parents had to stay home with their kids out of school, and my boss is on vacation for a week, there wasn’t that much for me to do when I finally did make it to my actual office on Monday afternoon.

Upon my arrival, I was given a “super cubby” by one of my co-workers.  I call this cubby super because it is basically the classiest cubicle in the entire world.  My walls are fabric, I have a huge area to work in, and the edges of the cubby are literally wood veneer.  Seriously.

Today, I struggled in the early hours to find work but, once some new people came into the office I received my first assignment (!!!) and got to work.  It was harder than expected since I didn’t have a computer, phone, or internet, but still exciting.

Then, later today, this arrived:

My computer!  Yes, it is still in a box, and yes, it has random white circles blurring out my private information so no one stalks me.  But it is for me!  [P.S.  Can everyone see how my first name is spelled “Merry” like Merry Christmas?  Like AMerryLife?  hahaha.  That cracks me up.]

So, tomorrow is a big day.  #1, I meet my office supervisor for the first time.  #2, Someone will be hooking up my computer.  #3, There is a 50% chance that I will get my ID number and be a “real” employee!  #4 I’m going to set my voicemail on my telephone.  #5 It will be my first hump day and my week will officially be more than half-way over!

This post is kind of pathetic, I know — especially those white dots instead of real blur lines from Adobe photoshop — but I am 100% exhausted.  Working is hard!  I’m still adjusting to waking up early and commuting into the city, so evenings are rough.  I’m glad I’m taking this month off from my night-job (wink wink!) to get settled in here.  A lot of exciting things are coming up very soon, and I’m feeling very optimistic about this year.


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