Getting better.

Today started out very slow. With no computer access and no assignments, I sat in my cubby and read old government publications from 8:15 until 2:30.

But then, something amazing happened: I went to a meeting with counsel and a program office and saw something happen. No, I did not entirely understand what was happening, and no, I didn’t say anything at all, but still: something happened. And I was there.

After this meeting, I spent over an hour chatting with my new boss, taking notes for a few assignments I will take on tomorrow, and getting background for two meetings I will attend: one with the counsel’s office led by my co-worker and one dealing with immigration, housing policy, and poverty policy. The only thing that would make tomorrow more perfect is if I also get my I’d number and can turn on my computer.

In summary: things are getting better every day. Learning a new job is hard, but I’m still nerdily excited about the smallest things and even though I am exhausted from waking up so early, I am so thankful that God prepared this place for me.


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