Please stand clear of the doors

In case you happen to be lugging children around DC in strollers on the metro during rush hour, please heed this advice: the doors are not like elevator doors, so if you leave your child’s stroller half-in and half-out, your child will probably get squished to death.

Today I have seen two near-emergency incidents with the doors, and I’m still only 5 stops into my morning commute. C’mon, America, let’s get it together.

In other news, I have a confession to make: I find Rick Perry oddly attractive. It is probably just my longing for more episodes of Friday Night Lights, however, or maybe his twinkly eyes — certainly not his politics. Because goodness gracious, America, what are you doing to yourself here? Planning to de-fund all of the programs that got us out of the Great Depression while we are in a period of economic terribleness, have a high rate of homelessness and joblessness, and pervasive poverty? That kind of seems like a terrible idea to me.

Also, please read this blog. It is awesome.



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