Hello October

September flew by so quickly, and the fall weather has rolled into our drafty little apartment a few weeks ahead of our heat. I’m not sure if it is the lack of warmth, the rainy hike I took last weekend, or germs from the metro, but I am sick as a dog. You know, that sickness where you are totally fine except you have this tiny cold that makes everyday activities miserable, and you can’t really justify a sick day.

H and I are doing well. We have settled into our new routine pretty well, and I have become the morning person I always wanted to be. Not by this method, however; by simple paycheck-earning necessity. Apparently, this is an even more effective way to adjust your sleeping schedule.

My work is pretty interesting, too. I don’t have controversial issues cross my desk every day, but even simple and non-controversial tasks can be stimulating in the federal government because people are crazy. Like, seriously out there. Luckily, my officemates are generally supportive and my two bosses are smart and effective. I’m starting my seventh week of work on Tuesday, after a federal holiday (yay Columbus day!!).

I’ve made a few new friends in the office/at my agency, but I really miss my DC bestie. Changing from school to work has drastically altered my life, and I hate that it is so much harder to connect with my law school friends. It is amazing what a huge percentage of your life is filled with work — even during my cushy 8-hour days — and I hate how much of my life is controlled by my work!

I was lucky enough to make it to TN for Labor Day, and it was fantastic awesome amazing wonderful to be with my girls and to see the fam. It is so nice to be loved, and to have people to love. I discovered a place called Talbots and also stocked up on some blazers at Goodwill. What to wear to work is kind of a mystery to me, but I’m working on developing a “government style”. I think I’m going to call it frumpy professional.

Well blog, you are now officially updated and then some. Please blame the sentimentality of this novelish post on DayQuil, my current enabling drug of choice. And please stick around this month — I’m going to try to renew my blogging dedication.

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