Doing this week right.

I am the kind of person that comes up with extravagant plans, thinks over every single detail of those plans, and then never follows through on them.  When other people depend on me, or my work/resume requires the activity, there are always results — and usually, those results are kind of awesome.  But when I get ready to do something just for me, it usually slips through the cracks.

I’ve decided to do things differently this week, starting with one tiny change: waking up with fewer snoozes.  The ideal, perfect MB would wake up before the alarm, bounce out of bed, cuddle the kitty, jog to the gym, lift weights/run for 20 minutes, shower, cook H breakfast, and read the paper before leaving for work.  Holy cow — that is a lot more than what I currently do before leaving for work, which includes barely getting out of bed, dressing as quickly as possible, and thanking H for packing me breakfast and lunch to go while I run around the apartment.  BUT, if I could take that hour I spend snoozing and apply it to things I enjoy, I could make a slow and steady change to my life without feeling deprived or giving up any of my evening events.  That hour I spend snoozing could be 30 minutes of gym time and 30 minutes of me time.  And that would be awesome.

Typical MB would try to fit all of her goals into the first morning, be incredibly exhausted by 10 AM, and then never wake up on time again.  And to be honest, there is still a 95% chance I will not wake up on time tomorrow.  But I’m going to try.  I’m going to set my clothes out for work and for the gym — just in case I feel like going — before I go to sleep.  And I’ll see how it goes, without putting too much pressure on myself or feeling guilty if I don’t make it happen tomorrow morning.  Because the one thing that stops me from changing my daily habits time again is that I give up altogether if I don’t do things perfectly on the first try.  And that is what I really want to change this week.



  1. MJ Houston

    Girl, allow yourself time to SLOWLY integrate new habits. It stinks that are so much harder to do than bad habits. I am rooting for you and am more than happy to check up and be your accountability partner!

    • pinkbriefcase

      I DID IT! Well, I didn’t run because I couldn’t find my headphones. But, I woke up and went to the gym and got to work by 8:45! But I’m kind of tired now. Haha.

      I think we should def be accountability partners! That sounds perfect.

  2. MJ Houston

    Yay for waking up (I still have problems with this one). Yeah, I find myself really needing a mid-morning or mid-afternoon nap when I do wake up and do the right thing. May I suggest snack that include orange juice or grapes? These two things seem to wake me up during that mid-blah moment. Just email/FB me your number and we can text each other away. Oh, and maybe let me know the time difference so I don’t text you at like midnight. ;)

  3. kim kelton

    set your coffeemaker to have the coffee finished 5 minutes before your alarm goes off. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee is a wonderful way to entice your body to get out of bed and move forward.
    i.e. I get out of bed at 6:00 am, but my coffee begins brewing at 5:45 am. It works like a charm.
    Love to all…
    Auntie S…

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