A Johnny Cash kind of morning…

Warning: stream of consciousness unedited metro typing ahead.

Thanks everyone for commiserating with me last night — from FB to blog views, apparently I am much more popular when things are going bad. (Just kidding!!).

But, I’m over feeling frustrated and have accepted a simple truth: when you job is to check the work of other people/offices, it’s not always going to be rosebuds and champagne. It’s human nature to want to be right — and I can certainly identify with those feelings. So I’m just chalking this one up to the learning curve of life. When I have more experience knowing which “problems” are real and which are tedious and unproductive, it will be easier. Until then, it is just going to be a bumpy road sometimes.

But, I’m tired of worrying about work when I’m not working — I mean that’s why I’m not trying to get a firm job somewhere! This week H has finals and projects and it is altogether pretty stressful for him – so I’m leaving my work issues at work (and here on the blog, of course) and going to lunch with a friend and then HAPPY HOUR with another friend! Hopefully this rain will slack off by the time work ends so the walk will be pleasant.

In more important news, we got a new dining table and chairs, I roasted a chicken for dinner Monday night, and the heat came on in our apartment.

Have a fantastic hump day!


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