Food Love

In case you aren’t aware, I love food.  H and I spend a lot of time perusing top DC restaurant food lists, and I get my daily news on beautiful food blogs instead of

Today was a good food day.  Instead of the expected “happy hour” with $4 beer and chicken wings, my friend M took me to the cutest little wine place in her neighborhood:  Room 11.  We had specialty wines (mine was a rose’ and hers was an Italian white), Marcona almonds (salty and flavored with olive oil), and a meat and cheese plate with heirloom prosciutto, cheddar, and a triple cream.  It was kind of awesome.  And M was so sweet to not even blink at my prosciutto even though she is a vegetable-tarian.

It was a great time.  I love having cultured female friends, because being from Tennessee and spending most of my “going out” time watching football with my man and his buddies, I sometimes miss out on those special moments.  A girl-appropriate classy wine night was just perfect.



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