Weekend Wrap Up

1. Thursday night: started attending a women’s Bible study/small group with a handful of pretty fantastic women. We are reading Charles Bridges’ antiquated commentary on Proverbs. I love the outdated phrasing. And Proverbs are very helpful in the workplace.

2. Friday: Had a great work-week finale and was pumped to get sushi and cocktails when H wanted … Dogs and Fries. I think that is literally the name of the “restaurant” we attended. Yuck-o. And, not healthy or delicious (except for the fries, which were at least par and probably good).

3. Saturday: Official Visit with my girls at Alpha Rho, lunch (Chick-fil-a, but I had fruit cup instead of fries!) and Ides of March with my special favorite friend, and then the TN-Bama game with H and a crock-pot full of short ribs. I fell asleep at halftime when we were tied with the #2 team in the nation and I refuse to acknowledge the way we fell down and died in the second half. Oh wait, there it is. Tennessee you fell down and died in the second half.

3. Sunday: missed church, but got a lot done. Bethesda Bagels + farm market, dropped our old table and chairs at Goodwill, 3.5 mile hike in Rock Creek Park, 7 loads of laundry and grocery shopping. Oh, and I ironed a huge pile of work clothes and squeezed in a little Mad Men. I am falling in love with Don Draper even though I also hate his rich-fake-cheating-lying self. And Peggy is still on my heart due to my love and respect for President Bartlet.


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