First Sick Day

I called in sick to work today because I am plagued with sinus headaches.  Yuck.  I’ve been waiting for the headache to go away since 6:30 a.m. but am still not there.  Hopefully soon.

This is my very first sick day, and it is kind of awesome.  I mean, I’d be enjoying it a lot more if I could, you know, walk around without feeling nauseous, but otherwise things are great.  During law school and especially during bar study this summer, I never got to take a break and just do what I wanted to do when I was sick.  Sure, I would watch terrible television and stay inside my apartment, but I would never have a clear conscience.  Today, I’ve checked my work email twice anticipating some sort of emergency, just to remember that I’m not really that “essential” to the federal government and, in all honesty, if I’m not in the office one day no one is going to be worse for the wear.  It feels weird.

And, it feels awesome.  So far today, I’ve caught up on two episodes of Sister Wives [I cannot look away from that show — like, seriously, whoa] as well as Private Practice, Parenthood, and all of those shows I forget to watch on a regular basis.  I’m currently watching TLC’s’ What Not to Wear and watching Leo (my cat) guard our apartment from squirrels and birds from the living room window sill.  Cute.

Food-wise, I’m definitely not on track with my typical healthy lunches [Lean Cuisine + Fruit Cup], but I don’t care!  I scarfed down leftover barbecue chicken and broccoli, but I was still hungry so I made . . . a cup of Easy Mac.  Whoa buddy.  I only used a tiny bit of cheese powder so hopefully it isn’t quite the 220 calories it says on the label, but it is super delicious and comforting. And I added freshly ground black pepper so it is totally classy.

I’m debating baking cookies, or a cake, or cooking a pot roast for the rest of my day.  But maybe I’ll still keep doing nothing, just because I can.


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