A long week

This week has been a little harder than most, body-wise. I’m pretty sure I have undiagnosed migraines and I’m also pretty sure I need my wisdom teeth out. Sick, I know. So I’m taking a bit more advil and eating a lot more comfort food, instead of focusing as carefully on fruits and veggies…

But even with all of that, this week has been kind of fantastic. At work, I’ve been finding very interesting assignments and staying busy, and I think I’m doing pretty okay: yesterday my boss asked if she could clone me. I am pretty sure that’s a compliment. I’m also thinking it would be totally freaking weird to be cloned, but that’s another thing altogether.

I spent about 10 hours at the National Building Museum’s How Housing Matters conference Wednesday, and it was informative, inspiring, and full of some pretty cool speakers. And the food was impressive, although probably not at all healthy. It re-validated my career choices to see other smart people so passionate about providing housing as a platform for human services.

Also, I got coffee with a great friend from law school and ran into another friend accidentally while commuting. I spent two hours with the girls at Alpha Rho-KD and made red wine chocolate cake for my man last night. All in all, a great week.

And, although this week is not a good representation of my positive health habits, I have lost 7 pounds since the bar exam. I’m not focused on weight, just feeling more energized and having more endurance, but that still feels kind of awesome.

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