Exciting things are happening over here.

1.  I PASSED THE BAR!  I mean, in case you were wondering, after all that stressing out and second guessing and worrying, I’m a little happy.  And by a little happy, I mean INCREDIBLY RELIEVED. Because let’s be honest, if I’d failed I would have been blog-silent until the results of the FEBRUARY bar exam came out, which would kind of kill the community we’ve all built here.

2.  I bought a china cabinet!  And it is being delivered on Thursday, and I am totally excited.  I’ve been wanting a new table, chairs, and china cabinet ever since the afternoon after I bought my original table and chairs from IKEA with my first law school roommate.  Seriously, that is three years of longing and finally… it is almost finished.  And if you are out there saying who seriously wishes for furniture for three years when she could be wishing for prince charming or travels through Europe or a Mercedes, then listen here:  I already have prince charming and a 1998 Honda, and if I was being totally honest I would tell you that I’d usually rather stay at home and make dinner than go out to a fancy restaurant and live a ritzy important life.

3.  We moved our living room shelves into our kitchen, hung our diplomas on the bedroom wall, and have been really settling into our little tiny home.  While part of me would love a larger place, right now this is the perfect size for us and for our savings accounts, which we are very responsibly trying to grow.  I’m falling more in love with our apartment every day.

4.  I’m starting to do more important things at work.  I feel like I’m really doing the kind of work I want to be doing (most of the time), and I’m excited to start setting up training and developmental assignments to bring some serious skills to our office.

5.  I’m digging my Bible study.  I worry that I am too critical of faith and faith-statements and that they might not want to keep me around for too long, but it is very good to be back in the circle of women of faith.  And I’m pretty comfortable being the black-sheep-liberal in the room, since I grew up in Tennessee. :)

Tonight I’m making orzo for dinner because it is easy to chew — tomorrow I’m heading to the oral surgeon because I’m having tooth pain and probably need my wisdom teeth out. . . pronto.  But maybe it’s only something easy, like a root canal?




    • pinkbriefcase

      Pictures are coming soon! Our china cabinet is not coming in until Thursday, and then I think I’ll probably debate for about a million years about what should go in the china cabinet and what should not, and it will be some kind of insane ordeal, and then I’ll clean like a mad woman and take photos before H’s family comes here for thanksgiving. Did I mention I’m cooking thanksgiving for my in-laws?

    • pinkbriefcase

      JEN! You are so sweet to say that. I think I might be funnier (a.k.a. less insane) online than in person sometimes, because when I’m talking I get a little ahead of myself and can ramble on, but when I’m typing I edit it down — well, a bit. haha.

  1. christy ramey

    So, I’ve been reading your blogs and loving them! Just wanted to say that the only person that could be that upbeat about possibly having their wisdom teeth out, is someone who’d just passed the bar!

    • pinkbriefcase

      Haha, you are probably right about that! I legit have not been to the dentist since my sophomore year of college — so like 5+ years — and I’m pretty sure the oral surgeon is going to kill me tomorrow morning. But anything to be able to chew! I made trial-run thanksgiving cookies last night and couldn’t even try them. I don’t think H minded, though. :) Love to the kiddos!

  2. kim kelton

    of course, passing the bar casts a rosy tint on everything. AND WELL IT SHOULD!!!!!!
    I’m so happy that your life is going pretty much as planned, you’re happy, and fulfilling all that potential that your loved ones have seen since you were tiny.
    You probably don’t remember this, but when you were two, your dad brought you to Nashville to visit us. I took you everywhere with me that week, and all my friends were speechless, because you were reading (cold) out loud to them from Better Homes and Gardens! So you started this domestically inclined thing early (ha-ha)
    Love you.

    • pinkbriefcase

      haha that is wicked funny. I’m pretty sure there is a copy of BH&G on my coffee table right now, but it’s a hand-me-down from the last time I was in TN and stole Mom’s old magazines.

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