So today I almost died.


I was crossing the street in the crosswalk from my bus stop around 6:00 p.m.  I was wearing a black raincoat and brown boots.  And a car ran into … my satchel.  Literally, my bag was in a car accident while I was wearing it.

And while that is kind of incredibly funny and I am cracking up writing about it now, I also was about six inches from being actually hit by a car in the middle of a six-lane road.  And that is insane, and a little frightening.  And I still feel a little tense in my lower back from the shock, even though I didn’t get hit.  I thought someone was trying to steal my bag or had run into me while jogging.  I turned around to see what was going on and it was a car.  Not a person, but a four-door 2000-ish Mercury Grand Marquis.  The driver did check to see that I was still walking before driving quickly away, which was very kind of him considering I’m sure he had somewhere very important to be.

So basically, I am a miracle.  And perhaps the victim of a hit-and-run, although I’m not so sure about the law surrounding car-to-purse collisions.

In other news, Operation Thanksgiving is going okay.  I remade the Apple Cake and it is still a little darker than I wanted on the bottom, but I’m just going to saw off any bad parts once it cools.  [hopefully none of H’s family will see this!  haha]  The dressing is stirred up and in a gallon-sized ziploc bag, with extra cornbread and stock available for fixing the texture if it changes before Thursday.  Now all that is left is baking my pie [I assembled and froze that bad boy] and stirring up the sweet potato casserole — the rest is happening on Thursday!

Oh, and I also pre-made a baked brie [which is pretty inaccurate — it is currently a sliced, layered, and refrigerated brie, since it isn’t getting baked for a bit] and apparently it is good for two weeks in the fridge, so we’ll see if that makes it to the menu or not.

And yeah, I’m totally blessed to be completely fine after a near-catastrophe.  Praise the Lord.



  1. kim kelton

    eeeeekkkk! I’m so glad you didn’t die. Thanksgiving would have been ruined.
    BTW, love to you and yours, have a wonderful holiday.

    • pinkbriefcase

      Thanks! Same to you! I’ll be missing you guys, but I’m working out 10 days in Tennessee for Christmas in exchange for not taking off for Thanksgiving, so I think it is worth it in the long run. Anything special on paul’s christmas list this year?

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