What in the world is reblogging?

Today I got about five messages that someone had liked, followed, etc. my blog along with a new one: that my blog had been reblogged. Since then, I’ve learned that reblogging is a wordpress function that allows you to grab a bit of someone’s blog and post it onto your own blog with a link back to the original content. It’s different from blog theft because it is only part of the blog and not the whole thing. I’m down with fair use and what have you and so it’s nothing too weird, except for this one thing —

The post that was reblogged was a quick wrap-up of my weekend from about six weeks ago. Why would someone want to reblog a personal life-and-times list from October? I mean seriously, isn’t that kind of strange? I’ve never met this person and I’m not sure we have a lot in common, blog-wise. I’m just considering this my first paparazzi and going with it Kim Kardashian style.

So now, I’m going to reblog like a madwoman.  Prepare yourself for some random awesomeness.



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