Hey ya’ll!

Sorry it’s been a bit since my last post!  Last week was a hustle-bustle of working [4 10-hour days + lawyer training in Annapolis] and I have been so exhausted!  And also pretty silly, after talking to one of my friends who is clerking this year and works 5 10-hour days every day plus puts in weekend shifts when needed.  But, you can get used to anything, and I’m kind of loving waking up early and having the 6:15 train all to myself.  There are so many open seats at that hour, and I think I am in love. Not with being tired all the time, but with being awake and alive in the mornings.  I’m a “sluggard” who loves to sleep, but when I’m awake in the morning I feel like a superhero!

Well,  Thanksgiving was amazing and it’s time for Christmas planning.  We’ve put up our tree [Leo thinks it is a jungle gym and it is falling apart bit-by-bit and kind of ridiculous], started purchasing Christmas gifts [for some reason, my Dad is much easier to shop for this year then most], and determined when we are going to Tennessee for the holidays [that’s December 24th until January 1st, for all you Tennesseans reading this!].  But, there’s a lot left:

1) Getting H through the last two weeks of MBA school projects and finals.  This is going to be insane — I never see him and am kind of grumpy about that.

2) Getting together a Christmas list for our families to make their shopping easier.  This is something I struggle with, because it is weird having two families gifting you and I’m much better at giving than at receiving.  And, I’d rather bake a million cookies than try to guess what size you are.  Seriously, that is awkward.  And I have enough going on as it is.

3) I think I might be terrible at going to parties.  I’m really good at planning for them, particularly the menu and the grocery shopping and such, but I don’t really know what to do with myself in the midst of strangers and small talk.  And I’m also kind of terrible at getting dressed up [I need fancy shoes!] and usually forget to purchase housewarming/thank-you gifts in advance.  And all of that is awkward too.  But luckily my friends love me the way I am and don’t judge my awkwardness.  :)

4) Planning Girls’ night at the casino.  My bestie and her mom and me and my mom AND MY GRANDMOTHER are going gambling the week after Christmas.  I think.  H’s friends are all jealous so they are going to copy us and that is kind of funny too. I’m very lucky and really enjoy the slots [we won $800 at bingo on our honeymoon cruise and I spent days and days breaking even during our Aruban vacation last August].  So, I am excited about the prospects of doing that.

5) Getting my work rotations planned out and finishing up some projects I’ve had on the table for a while.  I have an interview for a rotation scheduled for Thursday, and I’m nervous about doing that well while I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up.

Also, we’re going to try to eat super healthy these next few weeks so we can load up on as many Christmas treats as we want!  So the biggest thing on my list is to hit up the grocery this afternoon and get healthy and delicious snacks to go with our weekly meal plan.  Vegetable soup is a winner on this list — our first try last week was a spin on Martha’s Classic Minestrone and it was a hit.  I’ll keep you posted on how this develops.




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