Getting Ready for Christmas, part 2

So far this week I have made German Chocolate Brownies (delicious) and Cherry-Almond Biscotti (even more delicious) and am gearing up for Cranberry Orange Pinwheel Cookies.  This is totally overkill, but I don’t really know what to do to get in the holiday spirit while H is so busy with finals!  So, I have a giant tupperware in the freezer and each time I bake, I carefully slice and place what I’ve created between strips of waxed paper and into the container. 

So here’s my plan:  hopefully, we can have lots of Christmas goodies for my Dad to try when we get to Tennessee.  He is the kind of guy that likes to try a million different things only one time, but my mom is the kind of lady who knows what she likes and sticks with it.  And basically, I like everything she likes when it comes to dessert (except I don’t really love coconut cream pie).  So, she can make her traditional things and I’ll bring down some “weird” stuff for the weirdos in our family. 

But, after typing that, I’m also feeling the need to say that the biscotti are going to be a traditional pinkbriefcase creation from now on.  They are one of the best things I’ve ever made. And those brownies, wow, so delicious.  If only it didn’t take so long to make the filling, I would make them all the time.  So maybe I should overhaul that recipe too. . .

I’m also struggling with the gifting.  I’ve created my Christmas list for H’s family — running tights, boot socks, BioSilk hair therapy (a winter-time must!) — and I think I know what to tell my mom to get me — a hair straightener — but I still have no idea what to give H!  He says he wants shoes.  Seriously, shoes.  How boring is that?  So, I ordered him the Parks and Rec Book [in case you are wondering, he NEVER reads this blog] and I’m stoked about that little surprise up my sleeve.  So maybe I will get him some shoes.  Or a DSW gift card.  Or, a Bass Pro Shopping Spree.  That is probably more like it. 





  1. MJ Houston

    Sam and I never buy each other gifts for Christmas. We have a tradition of filling each other’s stockings though. Lots of cute little things like gift cards, mini colognes, small games, and other whimsical nonsense goes in.

    • pinkbriefcase

      Oh, that’s so smart. We usually just but what we need anyway, like a little mini shopping spree. Hence, the shoes. :) PS you and Sam are cute and I hope you are feeling okay!

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