Fake Saturday and Holly Jollies

I started to write something lame about how I’m taking a sick day and feel weird because I’m not getting anything done, but let’s just be honest here — I feel guilty but also feel FANTASTICALLY EXCITED to have this day to rest and recuperate after a food-related unhappy yesterday.  Seriously, I am not allowed to eat party food or fried food or anything delicious ever again. . .

So, I’m going to try a round of Prilosec starting tomorrow (so my tummy will hopefully be all back to normal) and see if it helps.  This makes me feel so LAME and grandmotherly.  But, I’m totally not changing my diet.  I refuse.  [for now.]

Today is H’s last day of official classes and I think I might be more excited about this than he is. . . because I’m about to go holiday spirit CRAZY on him.  There are only two weeks to GET IN THE SPIRIT and currently I am totally not feeling it.  So, I’m going to:

1)  Wrap presents.  I’ve only bought four so far, but four is a start!

2)  Buy a party dress or top or something sparkly at the store.  Maybe a sequined tank with a cardi?  That seems more like something I would actually wear.  Like the JCrew pink silky tank with black lace shoulders I bought last time.  I should maybe get some shoes to wear with that too.

3)  Get cute Christmas stamps and WRITE CHRISTMAS CARDS.  We bought 20, but have only received 2 so far, so I’m not sure if that will be too many or too few.  But I’m just going to pull up the wedding guest list and pick my top 18 OR some randoms and make some holiday magic happen.

4)  FINALLY go to church during Advent.  H has had 10 AM meetings on Sundays for projects for the last five weeks and I am DYING to get back to church and hear some terrible spirited renditions of Christmas Carols and such.  I’m kind of a church music snob since my parents are awesome, and our church has a pianist who plays by ear that leads the choir from the piano bench, but it is still kind of awesome watching it all happen.




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