I forgot to give this blog a title before posting…

Let’s be real for a second: sometimes life can be a little overwhelming. Maybe this is only true for me, but sometimes just going to work on time in appropriate, clean, and pressed clothing is all I can really handle. Well, let’s be honest, I can’t always handle the on time part or the freshly pressed part. Haha.

But seriously, how do people get so much done? I am so tired most days after my 8 hours and two-way commute, and I literally cannot fathom people that get home from work, go to the gym, run errands, go out to dinner, attend lectures or plays or concerts, and are basically awesome. Much less pick up, play with, feed, wash, and bathe children, but that is another story…

Can someone please give me some tips here? And please don’t say “go to bed earlier” or “eat healthier” or “get more exercise,” because let’s just be honest about the likelihood of that happening when I have so many cookies to bake!

That’s right, instead of sleeping, shopping, doing laundry, etc., I have been baking my sleep hours away! And while I want to sleep forever, it is very delicious. And worth it.

P.S. Today is jeans day at work and I am totes rocking that.

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  1. Renee

    prioritizing. some days you get the house clean, some days you go to the lecture and leave the house a mess. oh but on all days you feed&bathe the babies ;)

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