First Post in 2012!

Today I was informed by one of my loyal readers that the entire world was waiting with baited breath and immeasurable anticipation for my next blog update.  So here it is, ya’ll, an update from my boring awesome life:

1.  I AM AN OFFICIAL LAWYER.  Yes, that’s right.  For the last seven months I have been a “law school graduate.”  For two of those months I was a “bar applicant;” for five months I was a “bar candidate;” and since early November I have been a bar candidate pending bar admissions.  Only this Thursday did I become a lawyer.  Yes, it is really that long, drawn-out, and complicated.  My mom flew from TN to DC all by herself to witness my swearing in and it was super nice and awesome of her and made me feel totes special and awesome.

2.  My work-life is going okay.  It’s kind of weird at the moment, so I’m just embracing the weirdness and looking forward to some new stuff coming my way.  My co-workers continue to be incredibly pleasant and knowledgeable, and I’m going to really push myself to follow my interests over the next few months.  It’s too easy to get lost in the shuffle and then realize that several weeks have passed without a single moment of excitable learning.

3.  H and I are quitting our gym [to save cash monies] and purchasing some workout equipment to keep at home instead.  The gym has been $100/month that we haven’t really been using since H started working on his MBA, so this is a wise choice financially even though it kind of makes me feel like a failure.  We are buying yoga mats and DVDs, medicine balls, resistance bands, and free weights.  And H is considering P90x, but I’m not x-treme so it’s probably not a good fit for me.  :)

4.  I really want to add more FUN STUFF in my life this year.  I’m too boring and get too settled into routines that don’t include exciting activities.  Today, I handled that by taking a serious shopping spree.  [This also supports my other goal for the year — look freaking awesome all the time.  I mean, seriously, when you’re this fantastic, you should probably wear better clothes so people know.]  So expect this blog to be like the coolest thing ever.

5.  I am going to take better care of myself, too!  Get 8 hours of sleep, go to the dentist/doctor/lady doctor/headache specialist and make sure I’m a-o-kay, and eat fruits and veggies.  I’m toying with eliminating diet coke from my nutritional intake but I’m not really good at setting goals and following through so I’m not really there yet.  But, I’m thinking about it.  And I’m going to try to pack lunches regularly again.

Right now I am eating Christmas M&Ms and sitting by H and watching the Jersey Shore.  I am already in my PJs at 7:37 PM EST (and have been since 6:15) and loving it.  I’m sad that Sister Wives is not coming on.  I really hope one of my friends has all the seasons of Big Bang Theory on DVD so I can borrow them (BBT is my newfound television love.  Mad Men is boring and out).  And I’m excited for a new year of awesomeness.



  1. MJ

    I told you I was ready for an update! ;)

    1. So super excited about the official part! We all know you kicked judicial ass before though (I think that’s the branch right? It sounds smart.)
    2. You are awesome and super smart, so no worries there.
    3. Understand. a) Amazon has treadmills for under $200 (I own one). b) I would start with something like 30 Day Shred (much shorter, but with good results). I am starting it for the second time and I feel it’s a good beginning. Once I am done I plan on moving to P90X. Maybe we can do the same thing and be work out buddies! PS. P90X is like at least an hour a day (super intense craziness!).
    4. So excited that you texted (?) me about this shopping trip! You are awesome so you MUST have clothes to show it off! Send H my way if this seems to be a problem. ;)
    5. I actually tried that take a whole day and make/freeze tons of meals. It was alright and saved me time/kept me accountable for dinner.

    This comment is super long, but I am just so excited for all the new things going on in your life!

    • pinkbriefcase

      Ah! I’m so glad I texted too! I saw your FB message and just went for it. My favorite workouts right now are to watch youtube videos with medicine balls. There is this one Navy guy on there who gave me so many suggestions for working my arms and shoulders. And he is very good looking. hehe. When I saw that p90x was an hour plus a day, I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME and H was like “oh yeah, i forgot to mention that part. . . so you don’t want to do it?” hahaha.

      • Kristen

        Your workout plan right now is about as good as mine. Video watching. haha! And, this is why you and MJ are my best friends. hahaha!

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