Things you probably don’t need to know

1. I forgot to turn off our kitchen sink and just flooded our tiny apartment. Luckily I noticed the problem and [falsely] accused H of causing the problem before it had gotten past filling up the silverware drawer.

2. Whenever someone re-pins my pins on pinterest (say that five times fast!) it makes me feel very cool. Even if it is just a photo I repinned from someone else.

3. I made protein-and-fiber filled chocolate chip cookies tonight. My recipe called for 2 and one-half cups flour; I used 1 cup almond flour, 1 cup regular unbleached flour, and one-half cup oatmeal. The texture is fantastic and these cookies are “healthy” without giving up any butter or eggs. :)

4. I am back to good health for the most part, but continue to cough like crazy when I am (a) on the metro and (b) trying to fall asleep. I get dirty looks in both places.

5. My birthday is coming up soon and I can’t decide if I want to celebrate. I typically hate parties and feel awkward when all of the people from different parts of my life are tangled together. And I’m going through one of those weird dark phases where I don’t really want to do anything but watch tv and eat snacks (or is that every day?) so I don’t have a lot to talk about… But I was also thinking about pink champagne and strawberry cupcakes and fancy chocolates…

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  1. mama

    How can you not celebrate a double whammy birthday shared with your mother? You can just watch tv if you want, but as for your mother, I will CELEBRATE!

  2. MJ

    I love blaming things on the man that I am pretty sure I did…having a spouse is nice right? ;) I too am loving the sitting around doing nothing phase and hate when people interrupt said phase. I have never been one for parties, but the food choices make it seem like a good idea. Plus, now I am picturing you in a sparkly dress that you should have for your birthday (I am thinking pink or silver)…

  3. kim kelton

    Please take a picture of the cookies, post the pic and the recipe on Pinterest. If they look as good as they sound, you will have many re-pins.

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