The New Year’s Resolution

This is about three weeks late and I don’t care.

Actually, I totally do care but I’m trying to sound cool and thus trick myself into not caring.  I’ve been mentally sluggish or emotionally handicapped or something hormonal and weird the last month or so, but I’m finally coming out of it [THANK YOU LORD] and getting myself back into action.  I actually created a list of things I wanted to change about this year but it got so long I had to cancel the whole thing lest I failed by simply biting off more than I could chew and choking on my own inability to prioritize.

But, the biggest thing I want to do this year is to just do something.  As weird as it sounds, working this grown-up schedule has made my personal achievements much harder to realize.  Because I am tired and emotionally drained from working, I don’t have a lot of energy to put into cooking fancy dinners or planning road trips and nights out.  I haven’t seen most of my friends since October and I feel terrible about falling off the radar.  I haven’t even been taking great care of myself in the midst of the nothingness — things like moisturizing in harsh winter weather, getting a haircut [not since May], and logging my full eight hours have not been happening either.

So, I’m doing things.  Lots of things.  This weekend, it was wine tasting, going to the movies, having a game night with friends, hosting fondue night, baking cupcakes, going shopping, and watching the Golden Globes.  Who knows what it will be next week, but it will be fun.  I want to do at least one fun thing every week this year.

And when I’m not out there, I want to be intentional about doing things for myself.  I want to take five minutes each night to moisturize and brush my hair before bed, and I want to wake up early enough to feel confident and be well-fed when I leave for work.

That’s two things, I guess, but I’m really thinking of it as one overall goal– to live my life without letting the days fly by.


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