Mini-update on my awesome social life

So, I planned out every-other-day blogs for you guys and pre-scheduled them to post right on time, but I’m interrupting my beautiful plan to let you know that I AM NO LONGER LAME BECAUSE I WENT TO COCO SALA FOR DINNER DURING RESTAURANT WEEK.

Basil-infused Lemonade a.k.a. Blue Bliss (apparently there was blueberry in there?)

Also, please note that this is the same restaurant I went to for my birthday one year ago, during January 2011’s restaurant week!  What a weird coincidence.  So this time, I knew that “Bacon Mac & Cheese” is kind of a let down and so, when the waitress recommended that as a popular item I knew to avoid ordering ALL popular items and follow my heart.

And so I followed my heart, to a mini cup of steaming hot chocolate.  To a basil-infused lemonade (with alcohol, of course, I mean, it was $13).  To a pear, blue cheese, and candied walnut arugula salad.

Shrimp Mac & Cheese -- kind of amazing

To a small plate of scallops and a tiny bowl of shrimp mac & cheese.  Then, to a plate of spicy chocolate deliciousness, finished off with a shot of kahlua.  Delicious.  Seriously.

And not only did I eat all of this deliciousness, the portions were small-ish so I don’t feel like a big cow (although those cupcakes are calling my name) and I got to do it with a fantastic friend and to meet one of her friends from before DC.  All-in-all, this was a great day.

And happy birthday to us, Mom!  :)


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