Birthday Wish List!

So, my birthday* is tomorrow and I’m super stoked about becoming an “official” grown-up this week.  I mean, twenty-six is so much more mature and accomplished than twenty-five is.  Right, right.  Totally.  And just to do something silly here to commemorate the coming day, I’m making a blog birthday wish list!

1. Hair Straightener — but, the great thing about this one is that I already have it!  I totally picked it up this weekend at Target.  :)

2.  A new awesome bag — Pinterest has been giving me tons of ideas, like

Clearly, one of these bags costs A LOT more than the other.  And so, I’m probably not purchasing either of them.  But man, bags are really so important, aren’t they?  And I totally need a new one.  Or four.  :)

3.  A fun roadtrip to something historic in the Northeast!  Problem here is that the weather is TERRIBLE in January for historic road trips.  But, we are doing it:  Philadelphia in a day!  I’m totally excited about it because I am secretly in love with Benjamin Franklin, so it’s going to be awesome.  We may make some alterations to the itinerary on the website, but it’s great to have a plan ready to go.

This is us on our last winter roadtrip to the Northeast -- and you can see why I never post pictures on here! H hates them. . .

4.  Cute shoes!   I’m trying to be a little more intentional about how I dress and what I wear these days, and cute shoes are on my mind!  Full disclosure:  I’ve already bought three pairs of shoes this month, but that’s no reason to stop wishing for more.

The uncomfortable version.

Comfy collapsables to keep in your purse.

Well, I think that’s more than enough for now!  What I really want for my birthday is what I already have — a fantastic family and great friends and lots of cupcake ideas.  Oh, and there’s one more thing I’m definitely having — pink champagne.  The kind that costs $4.99.  Seriously, it is so good.

* My mom and I are actually having our super double whammy birthday, because she is turning exactly twice as old as I am turning!  We have the same birthday and she had me when she was 26, so it’s kind of a big deal.  :)  So, happy birthday, Mom!




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