It’s my birthday!

So, I made snacks for my co-workers.  Is this kind of first grade?  TOTALLY — and that’s why it is fun.  When I was in elementary school, there was this kid named Ryan who always had his birthday the day before mine, and we shared birthdays because of the weekends.  He had some crazy allergies and couldn’t eat delicious cookies/cupcakes like the other kids.  So my mom always made something less-delicious and allergen free to accommodate his dietary needs.  My mom is clearly pretty nice, but at the time I was just like MOM I WANT CUPCAKES.  Sometimes she gave in and made both.  

So I’m thinking about all of this because I was trying to find something good to take in for work that would be friendly to everyone’s dietary needs (no dairy, no chocolate, no nuts, etc.).  So I chose rice krispy treats, thinking that the only thing that could be a problem is a tiny little butter but that everything else is okay. . . and then I tell my friend and she says that one of our co-workers does not eat marshmallows because there are hooves in gelatin or something about being kosher.

So I gave up and, just like my mom did when I was little, I’m just taking both rice krispy treats AND leftover chocolate cupcakes.  (I froze these after baking on Saturday, unfrosted.  You can read about my baking adventures with my friend Katherine over on her blog, wordifications).

But, I didn’t want to make just any RKTs (that’s rice krispy treats for you guys slow on the lingo).  I decided to make LOVE RKTs like I saw on pinterest!  I wanted to dye them pink and cut them into hearts but (1) I forgot I ran out of red food coloring and (2) I only have Christmas-shaped cookie cutters (no hearts).  So that did not work out.  Instead, I did the next best thing:  Stars and sprinkles!

Here they are, on the SILPAT -- the greatest invention in the world

Cute, right?

So, even though they are NOT hearts and they are NOT pink, I still put them in the heart bags I bought at the store because, I mean, they have to go somewhere, right?  So now they look a little something like this:

All ready to go!

So, yes, I made sprinkled star-shaped Rice Krispy Treats and then put them into heart bags and am taking them in to work for my birthday.  And yes, you are right, none of these things match.  Hearts do not belong on birthdays and stars do not go in Valentine’s Day bags.  But whatever, nobody’s perfect, right?  :)

In other news, my mom and my husband ordered me multiple magazine subscriptions as Christmas gifts because they both know how much I love magazines, and now I have this many magazines to read:

Plus, there is another magazine in the car. . .

Happy Birthday, mom!  And Doug!



  1. MJ

    Happy birthday! I totally brought cookies to my graduate level night class last year for my birthday so I find this to be a fantastic idea to screw the grownup rules! ;) Hope you get to do anything and everything you want!

  2. christy ramey

    Trenton is out of school for his IV today. I showed him your RKTs and he says you should put candles in them and put them on your cake for edible candle holders! He loves cake and RKTs! LOL! Happy Birthday!

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