Birthday Wrap-Up

Well, here’s what happened:

Friday, I got home from my conference and didn’t feel like going out.  We were planning on headed to Ray’s the Classics for dinner, but I was kind of tired and not hungry enough to eat a giant steak, so we ordered take out instead.  We also downed the first half of a delicious bottle of wine I picked out when I went tasting with my friend Katherine last weekend.

H's flower arrangement, which came with a carton of strawberries and a bottle of champagne!

When I walked in the door, I had double flowers:  a beautiful arrangement of potted plants [so they last all season, if I don’t kill them first!] from my mom and a self-created red-and-white tulip arrangement from H.

My mom said there are pink cyclamens, purple violets, pink bromeliads, and a prayer plant. . . among others. I can't really tell which is what, but I like all of them!

Saturday, we planned to drive up to Philly to do a Philly-in-one-day tour.  However, when we woke up it was icy, snowy, and gross with a weather report suggesting that travelers stay home and, if they must leave, they should use “abundant caution.”  So, we didn’t go.  Instead, we stuck around the apartment and hung out, went grocery shopping, and watched a redbox [Larry Crowne was my first choice, but it was sold out so we went with I Am Number Four].

Sunday, we had to clean up and get ready for a very busy week ahead [H goes back to school today!] and gear up for back to back events.  I had a Kappa Delta recruitment session with our women, and then had to leave that early because H scheduled us for a couples dinner party with some of his married friends from school.  Instead of the typical law school party I was anticipating, this was actually comfortably awesome.  Everyone was casual and comfortable and brought their children.  It felt homey and nice.

So, that’s that.  It wasn’t anything to write a blog about home about, but it was nice.  I’m not usually into parties, so I wasn’t hoping for anything to spectacular.  I’m disappointed about the weather ice-blocking my road trip, but I had a fantastic day and weekend, and felt loved.  And what more can you really ask for?


And H just said:  “I wish my nickname was gravy.”  End of post.



  1. MJ

    Glad the birthday weekend went well, even though plans were altered. Going out with other married couples is always a gamble, so super glad that didn’t turn into three hours of awkwardness. Tell Gravy I really like his tulip arrangement, very chic.

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