Monday not-so-Funday

Well, today is kind of a wash.  I lost out on the benefits of my first federal government snow day due to a pre-scheduled doctor’s appointment, so today was just kind of weird.  I hate going to the doctor, and I hate taking my sick leave when I’m not actually that sick, and I’m obviously really great at complaining so now that that is out of the way. . .

Geez Louise the weather is terrible here!  This feels like the kind of weather that would make Vikings travel all the way back across the ocean to live in ICELAND instead of moving to the new world.  But maybe the Indians Native Americans had something to do with that too — perhaps Vikings are actually humanitarians and when they saw how awesome the Indians Native Americans had it going, they just didn’t want to mess with a good thing.  Or maybe they got their butts kicked and ran away crying.  Either way, it is gross out.

And honestly, that sounds like complaining, but it also is really great — bad weather is a perfect excuse for me to wear my Lands End fleece half-zip and green puffy vest!  I know puffy vests are absolutely NOT sexy, but I don’t care — I just love it.



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