State of the Union Recap

1.  Congresspeople are kind of awkward-looking.

2.  I like Biden’s tie twice as much as Boehner’s tie, but Boehner’s tan is way better looking than Biden’s pale head.

3.  “When students are not allowed to drop out, they do better.”  Thanks, POTUS, for clearing that up.

4.  They are seriously planning to double the interest rates on student loans in July?  What?  Goodness gracious what is this world coming to?

5.  “Boots on the border” sounds like a Mexican restaurant with margarita specials.  I kind of want to go there.

6.  I think I’d like to get GREATER pay for equal work, not equal pay for equal work.  I mean, if I get to choose.

7.  What’s true for natural gas is just as true for clean energy?  I don’t know if that is a convincing transition but I’m going to let that one go.

8.  I did not realize that China and Germany were competing to supply our energy needs.  Germany?  Really?

9.  The easiest way to save money is to use less energy?

10.  It’s time to apply the same rules from top to bottom.  hehe.

11.  Spilled milk jokes are not funny.  So not funny that Biden blew his nose.  And how did that joke get a standing ovation?

12.  Wow, how cool would it be to be Richard Cordray right then, huh?

13.  One time I saw Eric Holder (the Attorney General) at Chicken Out.  Just saying.

14.  Pass the payroll tax cut without delay.  Let’s get it done. 

15.  Tax reform should follow the Buffett rule.  Can we also get a Savage Garden Rule?  And a John Mayer Rule (this would probably be about sex education)?

16.  We don’t begrudge financial success in America, we admire it.  Really?  Sometimes I do begrudge.  Ooops.

17.  I got distracted and have no more comments.  This is all.



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  2. Roubaix

    Great Blog!
    Shouldn’t let #7 go, fracking is terrible, just ask a Pennsylvanian!
    PS Germany makes a bunch of wind turbines

    Just read a few of your past blogs, you bake, take treats to work & post pictures of restaurant food!?! You are so totally my niece’s (Molls225) Blog Soulmate!

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