Today is kind of a big day.

So, some pretty cool stuff is happening over here.

#1.  I had over 100 blog views in 24 hours!  And I’ve consistently had over 50 views per post for two weeks!  I know it might be weird to brag about how popular your blog is becoming on your actual blog, but I’m totally stoked.

#2.  According to my 2011 Blog Report [which is a thing WordPress does automatically], my most popular blog of last year was THE SPEEDO BLOG.  Yes.  That is how classy I am.  And even more, that is how classy YOU are, dear reader.

#3.  Someone I’ve never met (a) read my blog, (b) thought it was funny, and (c) posted her very own blog about how cool I am.  Well, that’s not exactly true, but it is a little bit true.  haha.  Anyway, thanks for the shout out molls225.

#4.  I texted H to tell him I was on my way home and he replies.  “OK.  I’ll pick you up.  Let’s get pizza and beer.”  What could be better? [In unrelated news, H had two interviews today with amazing companies and did really great even though he is nervous.  Way to go, Gravy.  Super proud of you.]


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