Five Things for Friday

1. Today is wine tasting at Cork and Fork plus dinner at Oohs and Ahs on U Street.

2. I wore my awesome boots to work even though there is a 50% chance I will slip and fall in the rain. So far, so good.

3. Tomorrow I have a KD meeting early on and then I get to see a long-lost friend from law school. I’m kind of excited.

4. I have been twenty-six years old for one week now and it feels exactly as lame as twenty-five.

5. I miss watching Sister Wives and I hope they didn’t all go to jail over Christmas break because I need to see if Meri takes up that other girl on her surrogate offer. Seriously, it’s been so long I forgot… Oh, Robin. Meri and Robin, your weird psycho friendship is very important to me.

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    • pinkbriefcase

      Seriously! It is a real problem. This week H asked me why girls wear shoes that give them blisters and risk their lives. He argued that boys would never do that. I said because they are cute! He didn’t seem to get it.

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