What I want this year: One week at a time

Well, I started writing up my goals and it got sappy so I canceled that.  Yes.  Canceled.  Shut it down.

Because seriously, new day, same problem:  Once I start thinking about what I want to do differently, the list gets so crazy that I seriously just ignore it so I don’t feel so lame.  Is anyone else out there like this?  It’s like getting organized for the first day of school — everything is insanely complicated and perfect but it’s just not realistic and I don’t follow through.  Then, the week before finals I realize my binders are too messy and so I take an entire day to straighten them out instead of, oh, I don’t know, STUDYING.

Knowing this is a real problem for me, I’m trying to approach my goal setting for the year differently.  For example, I’m not going to make a list of all the things I’d like to do, prioritize that list, and then move from the top down toward the end.  [Although, if you are less insane than I am, that is a very smart way to plan and/or implement something with multiple steps.  It is my typical approach.]  Instead, I’m going to pick one random thing out of the sky and do just that for the entire week.  I’ll see how it goes, decide if it’s something I really want to commit to or not, and then move on.  Maybe it will stay, maybe it will go, but I can do anything for a week.

*Note that this mantra is usually “I can do anything for three months,” inspired by my semester-long stay in a bunk bed (shudder) in a hotel room (double-shudder) with my bestie (yay!) while writing my second thesis (shudder) and applying to law school (goodness gracious).*

So, drum roll please. . .

I am going to brush my hair and moisturize before bed every single day this week.   

So, I will wake up feeling better, I will remedy my itchy itchy winter skin, and I will be soft and smooth like a baby’s butt silk.  [Can we please replace the usage of baby’s butt?  That is so weird.  Who wants to be a baby’s butt?]  This will also require me to take a few minutes each night to think only of myself, and to take action and do something for myself, which is a step in the right direction toward all of my crazy insane personal goal lists.

If you are doing something to change your life this week, leave a comment and let me know what it is!  As my friend MJ always reminds me, everything is better with the support and/or cute friendly nagging of a friend.



  1. MJ

    I like your thought process (both the insane and the new non-insane ones) and can totally relate. I also agree that wanting to be a baby’s butt is a tad awkward. You are so sweet, you know I am totally for nagging you about this! ;)

    • pinkbriefcase

      Yes, nag me because so far I’VE ALREADY DONE IT THREE TIMES! I bought the Eucerin Intensive Repair Creme -something or other- and it is helping me be less itchy but it also takes FOREVER to soak in. SO I’m not loving it, exactly. :)

    • pinkbriefcase

      Right? It’s the small things. And honestly I’ve never had a regular moisturizing routine, other than SPF for my face, so I need to get on that pronto before I’m a wrinkly old lady in my thirties.

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