This week has been so busy!

This week has been so busy — but I have been loving it.  My work responsibilities have been seriously enhanced since last Wednesday or so, and I am loving it.  I am doing something that is really important and I am doing a good job.  And being fulfilled and challenged at work makes me feel satisfied with things even though they are still kind of crazy.

For example, I’ve been gone a lot lately so things like, oh, I don’t know, clean or pressed work attire are difficult to find.  And it is currently 11:44 PM and I am writing a blog instead of sleeping.

But seriously, it is fantastic.  I’m feeling like myself again and making magic happen all around me.  And by all around me, I mean during a few high-level government meetings.  But it counts. And this Saturday morning, I get to sleep in a little, make a pot of coffee, and sit down with the prison rape elimination article I am editing and really dig in to the final round of comments.  And I LOVE doing that.  I love the words and the sentences and the sources and the thinking.  And the punctuation — I literally love punctuation.

Please don’t judge me.


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