V-Day failure

So, I made Jack Daniels fudge for H’s valentine’s gift. I stirred and boiled and browned and melted and created 60 squares of half-cooked fudge. Oops.

I mean, I think it’s under-cooked but I honestly can’t tell what happened except that it does not taste smooth and delicious and creamy — it tastes chocolatey but also has an oily texture that I do not love.

But, it looks beautiful. So I packed up about a dozen pieces to take to work, leaving only 48 pieces of not-fudge chocolate weirdness for us to eat (throw away) at home.

But H has already made my day. First, he bought fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt for me! I hate fruity yogurt but I love fotb yogurt! It is just so delish. He handed it to me along with a spoon and breakfast-to-go as I left this morning.

Second, he is cooking dinner (I will “help,” don’t worry) tonight and has planned a fantastic menu: Rib-eyes, roasted asparagus, Alton’s chipotle sweet potatoes and — pause for emphasis — a chocolate soufflé. Wait, WHAT? H is making a soufflé? Seriously?

So chances are there may be two chocolate disasters in our kitchen this Valentine’s Day.

Sending my love to you and yours.

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