Soul Writing

I started writing a book about writing. I realize that this is totally weird and pathetic since I’ve never actually written a book, but it just came out of nowhere last week and suddenly I had written 2500 words in 45 minutes. And for some reason when I’d written it all out I felt different.

Spending my days with mediocre words (not always, but often) has been draining my soul a little, and so I guess I just needed some time to rejuvenate my spirit. You see, government policy documents (which I review for content and clarity, of course, and not poetry or beauty) are kind of lame. If someone wants to add a point in, no one revisits the structure of the piece or creates an opening, introduction, or tie-in for the new information. That’s not how we roll. Instead, we just pick a spot, add three sentences that may or may not match the tone of the piece, and move ahead.

And obviously, that’s usually the right thing to do. Policy documents should convey policy. And policy is a collection of choppy and disconnected bits of things.

But this week, while I’ve been just so exhausted from attending a million meetings and commuting to College Park a bit too often, I’ve been craving musical, rhythmic, soulful writing. I looked up last night and saw Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon on my bookshelf, unread, and made plans for my weekend.

I’ll be starting that right after I finish this month’s InStyle magazine. :)

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