I have been too tired to blog.

I am running on empty!  KD activities four times last week, my last round of edits on the article were due today, plus my work activities and H’s school activities and Leo’s cuddling needs have been filling up my life. And not in the “lots of fun things so my blog sounds cooler” way — in the OH MY GOSH I HAVE NO CLEAN PANTS TO WEAR TO WORK way.

But, all that aside, I am really happy and trying hard to use my time wisely and to build better relationships and grow professionally.  I miss my family and need to go on vacation but exciting things are coming soon.  H will be working in New York City all summer, so I can take three-day weekends and visit him as often as possible and we can explore NYC together.  I’ve never been to see the Statute of Liberty or Ground Zero or gone shopping in Manhattan or eaten pizza in Brooklyn or any of the things that America loves about NY, so I’m going to make that happen.  Also, I have a long-lost friend working down there who I will hopefully get to see.

We have two weddings coming up in March [shopping, anyone?], as well as a potential weekend hangout with another friend coming up to DC.  The weather is going to be getting warmer soon, and the cherry blossoms will be blooming before we know it.

I usually love winter and hate warm weather (I like to cover up in a million layers like the Amish) but I am SO excited for spring this year.  Today was beautiful and a high of 50 and I was nearly skipping back from the laundry room.  But not really skipping, because I HATE doing laundry with a passion.  I mean, seriously, laundry is the worst.


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