Accidental Outfit Post

This post was a complete and total accident — I was teaching H the ways of pinterest and polyvore for an MBA project and just created a random polyvore and then taught him how to pin it.  Ooops.



Lands End lands end shirt
$12 –

Old Navy denim skinny jeans
$25 –

Lands’ End lands end shoes
$50 –

J Crew link jewelry
$70 –

Dogeared tahitian pearl jewelry
$20 –
But, now that my mom left me a comment and it’s been just sitting here on the blog for like 24 hours I’m chalking this up to serendipity and just going with it.  You are welcome, H, that I put your homework and understanding of female shopping habits above the awesomeness of my blog.


  1. mama

    The pink sweater with blue blouse is a classic. Oh, how I miss my izod from the 70’s. I still want to come for a visit this summer even though H will be close. And, I miss my family too, especially the crazy blogger.

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