Train Thoughts

  1. I always think about 100 Years of Solitude on Ash Wednesday and how all 27 (is it 27? Is that right?) Brothers get murdered by a shot through the ash mark that never washes off.
  2. I’m really glad I don’t have the same name as my sister and 25 other family members.

  3. I am excited for Santorum to get the nomination because then I know Obama will win the election.

  4. Santorum is so intense he scares me. if he became President I might take two years in the Peace Corp or something.

  5. If Santorum were President he probably would cancel the Peace Corp, or at least forbid women from entering it, so I need to get a new plan.

  6. It looks like I can get to NYC in 5 hours for $25 each way on a bus that picks up by my work. I’m kind of getting excited about the prospects of spending 6-8 weekends in NYC this summer.

  7. I tried to change the subject but I am still really annoyed about the anti-birth control conversations going on. I kind of want to punch the GOP in the face. I mean, seriously, you want to go back to subjugating women by keeping them pregnant, out of work, and dependent on a man’s income to survive? Have we really learned nothing over the last 1000 years?

  8. Sorry for number 7.

  9. This guy was being really friendly on the metro this morning and it was all great or whatever until he asked what stop I was getting off — and that totally creeped me out.

  10. I am exhausted today but H packed me a pumpkin spice kashi granola bar and a fruit-on-the-bottom Greek yogurt for breakfast and I am so excited to eat it and drink coffee and do my work. Because yesterday I got this really cool assignment to write a paper on something I’m not allowed to see, which is basically like playing pretend and I am TOTES good at that.

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