I love this blog but…

It’s kind of boring right now.  Because my life is kind of boring right now.  I mean, a lot of things are coming in the future, but not a lot is going on right now.

Work has been blah, I’ve been busy with KD meetings and my consulting work, and the weather is stuck in that weird not-yet-Spring but not-quite-Winter area that is too warm for your coat but too cool for your jacket.

But, even though nearly every minute at work has been a minute where I wish I was at home taking a nap, some pretty interesting things are happening:

1.  Snooki is pregnant.  Maybe.

  1. The Academy Awards episode of Fashion Police was awesome.

3.  I cannot wait to watch the season finale of Parenthood.

4.  I am going on a surprise trip this weekend but I can’t tell you about it until Sunday!

5.  I am going to the eye doctor [tomorrow] and then ordering new contacts and glasses.  I’ll be needing your opinions on my frame choices.

I know, whoa, I just blew your mind with awesomeness [boring stuff], and now you have no idea what to do.  Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be back in action soon.  It’s just been one of those weeks, right?  Right.


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