Tuesday is Awesome!

Mostly because I am at home and not at work.  But for other reasons, too.  There is a new episode of New Girl on tonight and, wait, can’t think of anything else.  It’s beautiful outside but freezing cold and the best part of today is that I don’t have to go to work!!!!!

I’ve been running on empty for the last week or so and really needed to take a mental health day.  But, I kept pushing it off — for example, last Friday I had no meetings and could have easily taken the day to rest up, but went in to work anyway.  Yesterday, my body decided that enough was enough.

I had to borrow Tylenol from my friend by noon, and things weren’t getting much better after lunch.  I tried to hydrate and scarfed down three mini Twix bars (which totally helped — chocolate is an absolute cure for headaches!) but by the time  meeting was over and H had picked me up I was falling prey to a not-quite-migraine sinus headache where the light burns and you feel nauseous but you don’t die.  This might have been exaggerated by the insanity that was my evening meeting but we won’t worry about that right now.  :)

We were finally home around 9:15 and H made us a quick dinner of tilapia and Caesar salad (thank God for those salad bags when you are trying to get your veggies in a hurry) and I went straight to bed.  I went ahead and set my alarm for work, but I was pretty sure I wasn’t going.

And literally, it is awesome.  I’m already feeling so much more rested and healthier and happier.  And I was going to post all about my weekend camping trip for you all today [that was the surprise trip!], editing the photos and everything, but I can’t find my camera cord so I’m just going to watch The Voice and eat PB Captain Crunch, breakfast (and lunch) of champions.


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