Ponies and a Story!

My friend S has a boyfriend named M.  M invited H and me (sorry for all the letters, just go with it) to go on a surprise camping trip for S.  Surprise as in S does not know where we are going, that we are going camping, what to pack, etc.

She is quite a woman for going along with this.  I would have gone all crazy-eyes and locked H in the closet until he told me our plans so I could obsessively pack every single thing I would not need for a weekend away.

And the thing is, M wanted to camp on Assateague Island, the very island on which H asked me to marry him in 2009!  So, we were totally up for going.  And we were driving along about an hour toward Assateague when M finally told S where we were going.

And then she got really upset and said that we couldn’t go there because she was deathly allergic to horses.  She said she’d been invited there multiple times and always said she couldn’t go because the last time she’d been around a horse she’d almost died.  Seriously, that happened.  hahahahaha.  funniest moment ever.

I mean seriously, H and I are sitting in the backseat and pretty sure that this entire weekend is about to fall apart because S is deathly allergic to the ponies that RUN WILD on the ISLAND where we are secretly planning to CAMP ALL NIGHT.

So we don’t say anything.  Because, I mean, what do you say?  Geez S, I don’t think M meant to surprise you with a weekend of death?  Ummm, we didn’t know the cute little ponies would kill you?

Luckily, she didn’t die. 

More camping stories to come this week, so stay tuned! 




  1. Lynn

    This story makes me giggle. Not because your friend almost died. But because… well I don’t know why, it just does. And I like ponies. Can’t wait to hear more camping stories!

    P.S. I tagged you on my blog yesterday!

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