Camping Story, continued

So, not to extend the camping build up too much longer, but two crazy cool things happened on our way to Assateague Island that I need to tell you about first:


Honestly, I’m not sure any further commentary is necessary for this little guy.  Apparently H’s mom used to work for Oscar Meyer or maybe she used to drive the Weinermobile?  Not really sure because I was really focused on taking this photo from the back seat, but H started telling a story that I didn’t really hear.  ;)

2.   WE FOUND A SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The irony of all of this is that we spotted both of these miraculous coincidences AT THE SAME TIME.  Seriously, we had to drive past the Sonic to get into photo-taking range of the Weinermobile, and then make a U-turn to go back to Sonic for Cherry Limeades.

Sonic was awesome and it was a great break.  It was a practically brand-new location, and so when S and I hit the bathrooms it was kind of like walking into a showroom, other than that it was, you know, concrete, and on the side of a Sonic.

They now have sweet potato tots — everyone else in the car was blown away with excitement, but I found them weird and boring.  They need more salt and some spices on those puppies if they want me to purchase them again.

And, because I know you are SO interested in my Sonic tales, I would like to also tell you that we got Cherry Limeades AGAIN on the way back.


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