Exploring the Beach!

This is the continuation of my camping chronicles.

We went straight to Ocean City, MD, which was about 70% ghost town and about 30% AWESOME.  First, we drove down the strip and viewed all of the not-quite-open hotels.

Then, straight to the beach!
The views were beautiful, but it was kind of freezing.
We had a mini-photo shoot, but it was mostly just me taking photos while everyone else looked at me awkwardly.  Just saying.

M and S were looking cute as always, and H was giggling while I tried to convince him that it was time to change his Facebook profile picture.  I mean, it hasn’t even been updated since we were engaged, or married.

And isn’t this one so cute?











Once we were done, we went up to the Ocean City boardwalk for some real fun.  We walked down the strip, bought fancy flavored popcorn, and M and I listened as S and H talked smack and then fought it out with a basketball shoot out (sadly, H was robbed by a broken machine counter in the first round but proved himself when he set the high score the second round).













Then, the main attraction:  the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my entire life — deep fried, battered oreos.  Oh my goodness, so delicious.  And terrible for us.  But, I mean, I’m going camping so I can do whatever I want.  Right?