Weekend Roundup: Submission Edition

Sometimes I get 3/4 through writing a blog, realize it is lame, and walk away without looking back. So that’s one reason the blog has been slow the last few days. Other reasons include me being busy, lazy, or preoccupied.

Anyway, here comes the Weekend Recap:

  1. We went to a wedding that was beautiful but pretty conservative for us and left H yelling “Submit, woman!” on the ride home. It is kind of hilarious. For example, I said “I’d like my own diet-cherry limeade,” and H said “No! We are sharing! SUBMIT, woman!!”
  2. I read a 200-page report detailing the poor status of the mentally ill in American prisons and restructured a twenty-page article. It’s not even close to being done, but the paragraphs line up with the new thesis, which is awesome.

  3. H went fishing and I caught up on Grey’s and Private Practice. Yay!!

  4. We went GAMBLING!!!!! Seriously, again, I know. It is just SO fun. And we left ahead by $13, so that probably paid for at least half the gas it took to get to West Virginia and back.

We ate pizza and hung out and celebrated H’s first few days of Spring Break. It was awesome. And knowing that H would never ask me to do what he says just because he is a boy, that’s awesome too, isn’t it?

[I mean, as long as we aren’t talking Sonic beverages. He clearly takes those pretty seriously.] Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.



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