So the truth is. . .

Hello dear readers and random internet strangers: 

I have written so many blogs to you, then forgotten to post because I’m too distracted or too busy or too lazy or something, and then deleted them because they were no longer current.  I’ve even written a couple of posts beginning with “I’m sorry I haven’t updated. . . ” and then decided that I need to stop apologizing for doing what I want instead of what will sustain my blog readership (even though I also really love it when I have comments or high viewing stats, that is just not the purpose of this life I am living). 

That’s a common thing in my life — apologizing for doing what I want instead of embracing it.  Or at least, instead of apologizing, guilting myself into doing what others expect.  For example, my youth pastor in 2004 sent me an email saying that good Christians do not support abortionists so I should vote for George W. Bush.  And while today’s me would have said something along the lines of “good Christians do not intimidate young women into voting against their consciences,” I gave in and TOTALLY VOTED FOR HIM.  I mean, seriously?  And then I grimaced at every mispronounced word. . .

But, anyway, that is not the point.  Like my friend C.A. would say, tangent within a tangent.  :)  So, here’s the thing.  I’m about to tell you what I am really thinking about without worrying that I’ll look like a big nerd. 

I really want to get home from work as fast as possible so I can read the third book of the Hunger Games. 

There, I said it.  I played it cool and didn’t read the books or care about the movie.  But then, my friends took me to see it with them and it was AWESOME.  The themes of the book are the kind of things that make my Christian-woman-leadership-sacrifice-Faulkneriansuffering-crazynerdface get so excited.  I might have to read them again after I know what happens in the story and then get all nerdy and compare them to George Orwell and Thomas Jefferson or something.  I mean, whoa, that’s probably a lot to say at once.  Let’s bring it back. 

I am very excited to begin the third and final Hunger Games book when I get home this evening.  And I am not a crazy-insane-nerdface. 

Except I totally am. 



  1. Mary Dunlap (@maryedunlap)

    I’m pretty sure I read the first book in record time on Christmas night – and I bought the book on a total whim. I knew there was a movie coming out sometime and I wondered what all the hype was about. Darren’s family was playing board games in the kitchen while I sat alone in the living room completely obsessed until I finished it. And I have no regrets about that. :)

    Darren read the books on a trip to Salt Lake City last month. All 3 books in like 5 days – so you aren’t alone.

    Also, we totally need to discuss the series after you finish the 3rd book.

    • pinkbriefcase

      Haha thanks! I read the first two books yesterday. That’s right, yesterday. Oh man. And we have tons to talk about other than this too, so go ahead and schedule a flight. Want to come up and take the boys deep sea fishing in May for H’s birthday?

  2. kim kelton

    I read the first book in November, asked for the second for Christmas. After reading it, I IMMEDIATELY went and bought book 3, because I HAD to find out what happened. You are not a nerd. I (at 49) am.

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