Time for the Big Reveal:

Why yes, that is a giant photograph of the state of Minnesota on my blog.  Why, you ask?  Because this, my friends, is the city in which my husband will be living for ten weeks this summer.

And no, Minnesota is not actually code for New York City.  This is a cruel, cruel world.

But, apparently there are some really great things about Minneapolis that should totally make up for the loss of a dream summer living in NYC for 3/7 days per week.

1) Shopping at the Mall of America and at Target (headquarters in Minneapolis).

2) Museums.  Like, the Mill City Museum (all about flour), or the American Swedish Institute.

3) Outdoor Activities.  Fishing, Hiking, and Hockey!

Ummm, I literally cannot think of a single semi-positive thing to say about Minneapolis but please do leave encouragement if you love it because we are going to need it!  Maybe cheese or something? (Wait, is that Wisconsin?)  The only good things I know that came out of Minnesota are my friend Todd and Harry Connick Jr.’s movie with Renee Zellweger.  And that was so lame I can’t remember the name of it, and who knew you could make Harry so much less attractive just by having him grow a scraggly beard?



  1. Jacquelyn Brittain

    I’ve been to Minneapolis a couple of times. It’s actually very pretty (at least where I was), *and* you’ll be away from that gawd-awful southern summer heat. No, NYC is not in the south, but apparently all that asphalt holds heat, too…a lot of it. (Gimme a break, I’m trying here…) I think you’ll end up enjoying it!

  2. Heather

    “New in Town.” I rented it to watch by myself for a girls’ night in about three years ago and ended up guffawing at how awful it was. I literally felt awkward sitting alone in my living room.

    • pinkbriefcase

      Seriously, right? And still, I sometimes watch pieces of it again when it comes on the tele assuming that Harry Connick, Jr., is always a winner. Clearly he isn’t.

  3. amerrylife

    Haha I watched that too!

    I know a few people that live there actually and they all seem to like it. I’ve heard it’s pretty and lots to do outside in the summer. It’s not going to be hot at least. You might like it!

    • pinkbriefcase

      Thanks, Mary! He is really excited about the assignment even though the 20-hour drive is a drag. And it’s only 10 weeks, so it will be like an extended vacation. :)

    • Erik Ostrom

      I think the Bob Collins piece is a little bit inside-baseball – it’s all about a particular context, which isn’t yours.

      I love Minneapolis, but I don’t know what you like, so I won’t try to tell you what you’d like about it. I’ll just say, it’s easy to find things to like here, if you look with an open mind. It’ll also be easy, if you choose, not to like anything about it all summer. But what an unpleasant way to spend a summer!

      Not about Minneapolis: I spent some of my childhood in DC, but hadn’t even visited as an adult until this winter. Three things I loved in my brief time in town: various parts of the Smithsonian (duh), walking around to the memorials (sure), and vegan soul food at Everlasting Life Cafe. Man, that meal was so good.

      • Hannah

        I’d agree with Erik as well. I tend to get on the defensive when it comes to my hom estate, but I also don’t know what it’s like to come here as an outsider. Just remember: we don’t put up with this state; we LIVE here. There’s plenty to love, and I hope you find something that attracts you.

        • pinkbriefcase

          Haha thanks, everyone! Sorry for hating on your homeland. It would be a fun adventure if I was going — the bad part is that only my husband is going while I’ll still be here. And it is very far from DC.

      • pinkbriefcase

        Everlasting Life Cafe? I will definitely be checking that place out soon!

        We aren’t really frustrated about the summer location — mostly about being so far apart — but Minnesota was just such a random surprise! I mean, when you think your options are NYC or Chicago, one of the twin cities just doesn’t come to mind as a possibility. :)

    • pinkbriefcase

      Haha, thanks Adam. We’re from Tennessee and are excited about the excellent fishing! The first thing my husband did was decide which fishing rods and reels he needed to pack.

  4. JoannaOC (@JoannaOC)

    Hey, it could have been ten weeks in January ;)
    Try out your Google-fu at some of the following. I challenge you to put on your DC Insider hat and come up with ten fun excursions from this list: http://www.minneapolis.org/150-things-to-do-in-minneapolis

    Walker Art Center, Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MCAD, Guthrie Theater, Northrup King Building, Grand Rounds National Scenic Byways, Chain of Lakes, Minnehaha Falls, NiceRideMN, Saint Paul Farmers’ Market, Stillwater, Red Wing, Northfield, Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis Film Society, Landmark Theaters, The Current, craft beer, Arboretum, IATP,

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