Eating for Jesus

It must be something about being a Christian in the South, but we love our holiday eats. And I’m not sure if Christians just love pork or are somehow unconsciously sticking it to the Jews, but our most religious days tend to involve ham.

This year I honestly forgot we were approaching Easter until Cadbury eggs started popping up everywhere. We have not been in church on a regular basis because apparently getting an MBA requires that you attend meetings at school from 11 to 3 most Sundays. (This scheduling snafu has also made weekend road trips out of the question. Sigh.)

But, once the date was firmly established in my mind, the grocery shopping began. I’m much more of a martha [stewart] than a mary,* and I spent the entire day cooking up a storm for H and a few friends we are having over to eat with us after church.

Let me tell you, this is going to be one hell of an Easter lunch.  Are you even allowed to say that?

  1. Ham. Obviously, and my ham is awesome. According to H, it is 10% of what made him marry me. According to me, I’m pretty sure I had that in the bag way before I made him his first vintage ham, but I’ll take the compliments where I get them.

  1. Deviled eggs. Just the regular kind.
  2. Banana pudding. It was my first time making it and it looks delicious! Can’t wait to taste it.

  1. Peanut butter pretzel toffee.
  • Sweet tea. This is actually the first pitcher we’ve made since getting married, I think.  H had to use the broomstick to get the pitcher from “storage” (a.k.a. the area on top of the cabinet hanging above the refrigerator).

  • Tomorrow we’ll add green beans and sweet potatoes. My friend Katherine is bringing rolls and M&S (our camping friends) are bringing salad. I’m really excited to have an afternoon with some really fantastic people, and to actually get to church and have H’s attention for an entire Sunday.

    *This is a religious joke, so if you don’t get it just google “Mary and Martha” and I’m sure wikipedia or or something can fill you right in.

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      • pinkbriefcase

        It was delicious! I think it got better after a couple of days. When I first made it I was underwhelmed, but last night I grabbed a piece and suddenly the entire batch was gone! Or perhaps I was just overloaded with cooking stimulus given the holiday? :)

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