So, Minnesota came back

The internet works in mysterious ways, you guys.  I posted a week or so back that H had just found out his internship had placed him in Minneapolis instead of NYC like we’d been planning for, and noted how frustrated and ridiculous the location seemed after three months of planning for NYC.  At the time, I thought that everyone would understand just how silly Minnesota sounded after planning to live in NYU student housing and mapping out bus lines from DC to NYC.

However, in an amazingly hilarious onslaught of slightly annoyed but still pretty friendly comments, Minnesota has left its mark on my blog and also made me kind of excited about visiting there.  I’m pretty sure they were making fun of me, but honestly, they were just so adorably nice about it that I wanted to highlight their websites here.  I feel like a celebrity, in a nerdy and kind of embarrassing way.  Please click over and show them some love.



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