Things I forgot to tell you

Sometimes I forget to blog about things, and then I think “Oh, it’s too late to talk about that now.”  But whatever — this is my blog and I don’t want to forget any of the cool/crazy/insane/delicious things I end up doing!  So, here’s some randoms for you. 

1.  Coolest photos ever:  Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA, with my bestie and her bestie and my hubby.  And yes, that is an explicit photo of penguins.  I promise it is the last explicit photo that will ever appear here on this blog.  Well, I’m pretty sure. 

2.  The Washington Daffodil Society’s Daffodil Show (this is SO random, I know).  We accidentally went there.  Seriously, we are not grandparents.  At least, not that we know of.









3.  The cutest people ever in their Easter photos:



Camping buddies!






Check out her blog, wordifications!



4.  The first egg I’ve ever poached (!!!) and the jambalaya grits we had for dinner last night:












  1. Literally the most adorable cat [and biggest troublemaker in the world].

6.  Our campsite from freezing-pony-camping weekend!!



Cute, safe, warm-looking, right?  Ha.





This was the view from our campsite — isn’t it so beautiful?!




  1. amerrylife

    It’s never too late because I will always read (and enjoy) the things you post! I love to see what you’ve been up to my friend!

    The camping looks very fun as does the rest of it. :)

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