On hold

This blog, like several other pieces of my life, has been on hold the last week or so while I adjust to a new job, a new schedule, and new limits on my freedom of speech. :) Just kidding about that last part — I am so excited to be where I am and will continue to be until September 20.

The sensitive nature of some of my work, however, limits my partisan political speech a bit more than most federal employees. So while I can blog about issues, I can’t blog about the campaign. And I can’t like campaign-related things on Facebook. And so on.

I’m also on hold with my legal research/editing consulting projects until my ethics review ends, and it looks like I’ll be staying on but recusing myself from certain work issues to be doubly safe. If there’s one thing I’m certainly not doing for the sake of punctuation and proper citations, it’s going to jail. I’m not quite that hardcore about the English language. Other proof: I use the word “like” a lot. Intentionally, mind you, for emphasis and drama.

H is officially leaving on June 1st [Sidenote: can someone please go see snow white with me? The one where Charlize Theron eats people? Okay thanks.] but we are not preparing for that until he finishes a multitude of projects and exams and so on for school. He is WAY overcommitted in my book, not that my take on how to get an MBA is all that informed or wise. So he is all in a fluster and working himself to death. It’s kind of cute how dedicated he is, when I’m not annoyed that we aren’t going to happy hour every day.

I’m getting smarter every day at work and using parts of my brain that have been semi-dormant for a while. I think I’m really going to like this new gig.

And as for the blog, I will get back into the habit soon, but it will be a little different for a while. I’m going to censor myself a bit more and focus on life and writing and good things like mail and company. My most political posts have been set to private for the duration of my rotation. It will be like taking the summer off. Hopefully it will still be interesting. If not, I’ll meet you here when September’s over.

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