Farm Day at Mount Vernon

So we went to Mount Vernon and it was cool and all, but even better than the historic stuff and waiters wearing period clothing and wine everywhere were the FARM ANIMALS.  Seriously, they were awesome.  So, first I’ll show you a picture of George Washington’s home, so you know I was legit at Mount  Vernon when I saw all of these insane sheep baa-ing like crazy.  And then I’m going to show you about a million photos of tiny stupid sheep which are HI-LAR-I-OUS.

This is a straight shot of the main house — GW lived there for a very long time, but did a lot of remodeling to make the house worthy of the first president of United America.

These are legit the funniest sheep ever.  The small ones can fit through the holes in the fence, and then they get confused and start crying and crying, and then they just come right back inside.  And the big ones can’t get out, and they get so frustrated when the little ones leave. . . so basically there is just sheep-crying everywhere.

In case you are wondering, crying sheep sounds exactly like drunk fraternity guys imitating crying sheep.  Literally, I kept looking around thinking there was a guy right beside me making fun of how sheep baa.  Only it was actually the sheep.  They sound that ridiculous.

Also, we saw one little sheepy treating its sheepy-friend’s urination as a water fountain.  No lie.  These sheep are not very smart.

But, they like to eat all of GW’s vegetables.  So mostly the cabbage patch was cabbage stumps with all the cabbage chewed off.  After seeing this, I am quite skeptical of the Inn’s claim that its menu is made from vegetables grown on the farm.  Since most of the vegetables are stolen by renegade sheepies.

Here, piggy piggy pig.  We heard one mom tell her child that this was a wart-hog.  Clearly, this pig is for making bacon, not singing songs with Simba.  Parents these days.

We also saw this moo-cow take a poop.  And yes, I know this is really a bull — I’m from TENNESSEE remember — but cow sounds much more cute and less deadly.

So, now that you’ve seen my favorite places on GW’s farm, let’s go together.  Seriously.  I bought a year’s pass because I loved it so much.  They have wine tastings and hiking trails and Christmas cookie showings and it is awesome.  The waiter at the restaurant wears knickers and knee socks.  In the summer.  It is hilarious and awkward and the coffee is terrible.  So clearly, it’s my kind of place.




    • pinkbriefcase

      Hope things are going okay with Granny. I can’t imagine how exhausting these last few weeks of school are for you! At least you can see the light at the end of the tunnel which is hanging out with me! :)

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